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Your Perfect Balance | Face Care Starter

Your Perfect Balance | Face Care Starter

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Self-care in a box. Each set will be gift wrapped in black and white geometric or line floral paper with a handtied bow and will include:

Rose Face Mist

Balancing mist made for dry, normal, and oily skin or anywhere in between. Used daily after cleansing for extra hydration and toning or throughout the day to freshen and uplift the skin and senses.  2 ounces, full size /Best selling face mist.

RESTORE Clay Face Mask

RESTORE is a delicate blend of French and kaolin clays and soothing rose power along with Vitamin C enriched ingredients to restore pH levels for balanced vitality. Best selling face mask/.5 ounces (appox. 2 masks)

Botanical Steam

Gentle steam therapy for congested pores. Botanically formulated for deep pore purification and increased circulation. 1 ounce 

How to use:

Place 1 to 2 TBSP of dried herbs bowl.

Boil 1 – 2 cups of water and pour over the herbs and essential oils.

Place the bowl on a table or other surface where you can comfortably sit

Hold your face over the bowl covering your head and the bowl with a large towel.

Keep your eyes closed and breathe deeply to inhale the therapeutic properties.

Steam for 5-10 minutes.

Reserve the liquid for a relaxing bath or foot soak afterwards.

Follow with the face mask and hydrating mist (included)

For the freshest looking skin, follow up with a Lu La Naturals' best selling palmorosa and rosehip enriched face oil. Sold seperately.