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Candle | Ginger lemongrass | A fresh, clean mixture of gentle lemongrass and just-cut ginger – pure relaxation.

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Hand poured, soy wax candles, scented with 100% phthalate-free fragrance oils in an 8 ounce black travel tin.  Burn times 25-30 hours

Island Escape  A sophisticated blend of pineapples and jasmine; topped off with coconut milk & musk.

Lemon pound cake | Freshly grated lemon peel and juicy lemon combined with butter, sugar and vanilla mingle together to give this delicious bakery scent its signature citrus kick.

Lemon slices | A classic juicy & tart lemon.

Ginger lemongrass | A fresh, clean mixture of gentle lemongrass and just-cut ginger – pure relaxation. 

Agave Lime |   A beautiful sparkling citrus blend with background notes of warm sandalwood and white musk.

Strawberry Guava | The fruity blend of strawberry and guava blended with passionfruit and mango for a sweet, tropical surprise. Vanilla and sugar base 

Apple Honeydew Pop | Granny smith apples, honeydew melon, strawberries and pears, with a little bit of spice.

Pineapple Sage | A fresh blend of sweet, delicious pineapple blended with herbal sage.

Rose quartz | Lovely citrus notes of bergamot, orange & grapefruit on a bed of jasmine, sandalwood, musk and rose petals.

Rose Jam | A beautiful blend of  roses, geranium, lemon and tonka bean.

Black Amber | An enchanting blend of black amber, clove, nutmeg and musk.

The Olive Branch | Orange and lemon with a light musk and faint vanilla scent.

Tobacco & Bay Leaf |  A beautiful blend of bay leaf, fir needles, cedarwood, and bergamot. This is a great fresh clean fragrance with neutral tones.

Mayan Gold | Musk, patchouli, mandarin, vetiver, sage, neroli, vanilla, lemon, amber, sandalwood, and chocolate

Frankincense  Myrrh | Warm cedar, spicy frankincense, myrrh, sweet sandalwood, musk and sweet vanilla