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Energize Clay Face Mask

Energize Clay Face Mask

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​Enjoy the simplicity of nature with our customizable, powdered clay masks - each is specially formulated to benefit a variety of skin types.

EXFOLIATE is designed to gently lift away dead skin, brighten and even out dark spots with the star ingredients like fine  pumice, citrus peel and grapefruit essential oil in a soothing base of Kaolin clay and yogurt.  These amazing casts of ingredients leave your skin feeling smooth, fresh and bright.

DETOX is a combination of nutrient-rich sea kelp with purifying activated charcoal in a base of soothing Kaolin clay and mineral rich sea clay.  The heavy duty mask absorbs dirt and oil without overly drying for smooth, nourished skin.

RESTORE is a delicate blend of French and kaolin clays and soothing rose power along with Vitamin C enriched ingredients to restore pH levels for balanced vitality. 

ENERGIZE is a energizing blend of nourishing matcha and coconut and refreshing essential oils. Fully nourishing, soothing, and high in antioxidant for fresh and hydrated skin.

SOOTHE is a gentle yet effective blend of pumpkin and chamomile and calendula leaf powders. The combinations is gentle enough for sensitive skin and effective enough to add in replenishing dry and/or mature skin.

Follow your face make with a toning face mist and moisturizing facial oil for extra nourishment and improved elasticity.